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Senior Registration Information 2018

All players that intend to play with Thornbury Athletic FC in 2018 must register with the club via the My Football Club Website. The process is simple and must be completed for each player that intends to play this year.

There are two key components to the registration process:

  • Create an FFA Account and obtain your FFA ID Number.  
    This step only needs to be performed by players that have never played before and don’t have an FFA Number. If you have forgotten your FFA ID number you can search for it on the My Football Club Website.

  • Complete the Player registration process. 
    All new and returning players must complete this process. The short video below provides instructions on how to complete the self-registration process.

Payment of Fees

Registration fees can be made either by Paying by Credit Card during the Self Registration process, or you can choose the pay at club option, if you select the pay at club option you must deposit funds into our bank account by EFT. Electronic payments can be made to the following account:

Account Name: Thornbury Athletic FC Inc.
Branch: Westpac, Reservoir Branch
BSB: 033-297
Account Number: 346619

Please remember to include your FFA ID or Last name as the payment reference.

What does my registration fee cover?
People often wonder what is included in your registration and membership, or why the fees are so high?

Here’s an indication, although not a complete list, of the things that need to be covered by your fees:

  • State and national registration fees (FFA and FFV)
  • Insurance coverage for all players (must be registered and fees paid to be covered)
  • Player uniforms, including team jerseys and individual shorts and socks
  • Costs of weekly games, including referees fees, lighting, match balls, line marking, etc.
  • Costs of weekly training sessions, including lighting, balls, training bibs, training equipment, etc.
  • Maintenance of grounds, and external infrastructure
  • Maintenance and weekly cleaning of facilities
  • Utilities, including lighting, heating and water
  • Club website development and running costs